It's already day 4th, when my Mom is sick. She seems so weak and pale.... I don't know what really happened to her,,, my Dad took her to hospital (the place that I usually avoid,,). She met the doctor and adviced her to took a blood test in to the Lab,,, It seems so scary when you see the doctor and they advice you to take a blood test,,, I do have the experienced, while I was so little,,, My parents always took me to the hospital to see our family doctor,,,especially when I got fever... I should took a blood test to find out and figure what's really wrong with my fever.... Hhhh,,, you can imagine that,,,

After take several hours,,, my parents finally got the blood test result,,and attach it to the doctor again,,, well,,what the doctor said about the test,,,, my Mom got thypus,,,, she has to get rest for several days,,, At first, I am really happy because my Mom at home all the day,,, I can play with her and give her my new song from playgroup.... Not long,, my Dad told me that I have to care about Mom, because she was sick and maybe can not play with me for several days even she's home,,,,,

Wooww,,, it upset me,,, I don't think of that,, all I know if my Mom can stay at home,,it's the sign that I can play with her all day,,,, Now I can't sing with my Mom while she's still sick,,,,, Oh,, I pray God for my Mom's health,,,,