Babies are most probably the thing guaranteed to bring a smile to your face before anything else.

And of course no baby is more beautiful than your own :-)

There is great demand for baby models.And the fortunate thing about this particular "modeling industry" is that it is most probably the safest and most professionally run.

There are strict laws around the world for how long a baby can actually work for - and the babies needs are put first in any commercial or film shoot.

What is also heartening for the parents - again using the word "safety" is that baby models are safe from predators, unlike unfortunately the child modeling world. 
Because given the age of a baby - the mother MUST always be present so there is not any opportunity for any unsavory behavior.
And again there are very strict laws as to how to work with a baby for commercial purposes.

Having said all of this - if you have a baby that you would like to get into modeling. Or you have a friend who has a baby that you think is just too beautiful for words and would get booked in an instant...

Whatever is your reason for reading this - it's still important to know where to go, where to find the best Baby Modeling Agency.

And what you need to do as a parent to make sure your baby is:

A) Protected 

B) Given the best opportunities/jobs

C) Is paid handsomely for it

It is also worth your while to become fully acquainted with your rights as the mother/baby when your child is modeling. And it is of course better that you know this - as opposed to relying on the 'professionals' at the agency to tell you.

You want to feel in control of your baby's infant career, as well as working positively with the agent, bookers and companies hiring him/her (as honestly playing the "Stage Mum" will not get you very far, and will harm your baby's chances).

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