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Be A Kids Model

Posted by Samuel Gultom on Wednesday, May 13, 2009, In : Model 
Babies are most probably the thing guaranteed to bring a smile to your face before anything else.

And of course no baby is more beautiful than your own :-)

There is great demand for baby models.And the fortunate thing about this particular "modeling industry" is that it is most probably the safest and most professionally run.

There are strict laws around the world for how long a baby can actually work for - and the babies needs are put first in any commercial or film shoot.

What is also heartenin...
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Always Like Plane

Posted by Samuel Gultom on Friday, May 1, 2009, In : Activitiy 

Plane,,,, I Like It,,,,,,,,

Back to years behind,,, me and my parents went to my grandma village.. To reach that,, we have to go by plane. That was a small plane and with the long delay flight as well as use to be the custom in this country.. I won't tell you how damaged the industry rather than to share you a moment that I enjoy the flight.

It was a shock experience at first time to flight,,,try your self then,,, Once that thing in the air,,,,, I felt good..c'os I remember my favor...

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