Plane,,,, I Like It,,,,,,,,

Back to years behind,,, me and my parents went to my grandma village.. To reach that,, we have to go by plane. That was a small plane and with the long delay flight as well as use to be the custom in this country.. I won't tell you how damaged the industry rather than to share you a moment that I enjoy the flight.

It was a shock experience at first time to flight,,,try your self then,,, Once that thing in the air,,,,, I felt good..c'os I remember my favorite toys,,, superman,,( I used to call it emen,,). My Mom's showed me the blue sky and guess what else,,,,, My curious tell me that I have to grab something outside that windows,,, Wooups,, my Mom's didn't allow me to did so,, Something out there make me wonder,, I have to feel it,,,,

Hourly flying,, of course didn't make me feel better,,, I miss the land,,,,,,,,,,,
Journey to grandma,,, inside the iron bird,,, tell me the nice one,,,,,,,,,,,

Someday,,,,I will be a pilot,,,,